Looking back: Rudaí 23

Last month, I completed the WRSLAI’s Rudaí 23: 23 Things for Information Skills.

I’ve had time to think about the course since then, and about the various concepts, tools and processes that I encountered through completing the course. One thing I’ve realised is that at this moment in my career, the most useful things I learned were – in the grand scheme of things – small. To give a few examples:

  • how to create subtitles on a YouTube video
  • being spurred on to finally sort out my LinkedIn profile
  • the benefits of using Feedly

Working through the course has also pushed me to face the fact that I really need to be more aware of technology in general, whether that is the verification of online videos, or blockchain, or how Wikipedia operates. As my current role does not intersect with these kinds of areas, I am trying to ensure that my acquaintance with them is more than just a passing one.

Although completing the course has been a broadly positive experience, I have had concerns about the lack of engagement with privacy early on in the course: completing all the modules entailed signing over personal details to third party companies (Feedly, Twitter, Pocket, Youtube, WordPress…) without any discussion of the implications of this, apart from Thing 16, by which time it was a bit too late. I hope that this is something that could be changed in future iterations of the course.

As for this blog, I’m not yet sure what will become of it, but in the short-term I hope to keep using it to explore the LIS world and keep a record of my journeys through it.

Future me in previously unexplored Libraryland territory…
(CC0 licence via pixabay.com)

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